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Our Story

Kills Boro Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in Staten Island, New York. The brewery was founded with the goal of reviving the brewing traditions of Staten Island and celebrating the local history and culture of the island. The name "Kills Boro" is a reference to the tidal straits on Staten Island, which were called "kills" by the original Dutch settlers and found to be an integral ingredient in the traditional brewing practices of German migrants who founded a number of breweries in the borough.

Kills Boro Brewing Company produces a wide range of craft beers, including ales, lagers, stouts, and IPAs, using locally-sourced ingredients and traditional brewing techniques. The brewery also operates a taproom and beer garden, where visitors can sample their beers and learn more about the brewing history of Staten Island.

Kills Boro Brewing Company is part of a growing movement of craft breweries in New York City, which are dedicated to producing high-quality, locally-made beers and supporting the local community.
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